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Prendiamo esempio
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The Vindel river LIFE project aims at reducing the effect of fragmentation and channeli8zation in the Vindel river catchment by removing former timber-floating installations along a total river stretch of 44 km in 22 of its tributaries. This installations stem from the period of timber-floating ca 1850-1976, and constitute threats towards a favorable conservation status of species and habitats within the Vindel river., In stretches within 10 tributaries advanced restoration will be conducted, where large boulder, large wood, and gravel from uplands are placed into the channel. In 13 tributaries, stones from the stream edges will be placed in the channel and side channel will be opened. Fish spawning areas will be restored and some man-made dams will be removed or bypass channel will be built so migrating fish can pass. Some expected result of the project are: Increased retention of water, sediment and organic debris; improved habitat for riparian and aquatic organism; and increased diversity and variation in the water landscape.

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